Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Potpourri-Collecting

Last November, The Husband gave me a Puritan Rubber Ducky. He saw it at Party City and thought it was cute. Thus began my newest collection: Holiday rubber duckies...

For me, collections are usually about the thrill of the hunt. I think The Husband brought home the Christmas Caroller and the Irish ducky. But I had to search for the Valentine's duck-you wouldn't think it would be so hard to find something V Day... And I'd almost given up on the Easter ducky, but Party City came through again!

I'm looking forward to finding a Patriotic ducky for Memorial/Fourth of July and perhaps a variety of Halloween duckies. I may start making my own, too. Get a few naked (!) duckies and dress them for Mardi Gras (yeah, a little late...), Flag Day, my summer birthday, Veteran's Day... The possibilities are endless.

These guys live in my car, on the deck in front of the speedometer. They make me happy, even on the way to work!

And so, this is how collections start. Part challenge, part creativity, part pure desire. The harder something is to find or afford, the more value it has. What do you collect?

Do What You Love!

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