Friday, February 19, 2010

Modern Day Gladiators of Creativity

I never thought I’d watch reality tv. After all, it’s not REALLY reality ‘cause as soon as the camera’s on, it’s not truly natural anymore…

But I admit The Husband and I have been watching American Idol for the last few years. This is the first year we’ve actually watched it from the initial auditions, so it’s been kinda fun but kind of annoying, too. They manufacture so much unnecessary drama… But the talent is so amazing, we keep watching. I also watched Design Star on HGTV last season and over the Labor Day holiday weekend, I somehow got hooked on Project Runway. What do these shows have in common? They all test the creativity of the contestants.

Crystal Bowersox-Idol

I can’t imagine being on one of these shows. These contestants are the gladiators of our times. They fight for the top prize and try not to get skewered by the judges barbs or eaten by their lion-like competitors.

Anthony Williams-Project Runway

Imagine having only 15 minutes to design an outfit, 30 minutes at most to buy the materials and less than 24 hours to construct it. Or a half hour to decide on a room design, with maybe two days, if you’re lucky, to execute it. American Idols have a fast week to pick a tune (and toward the end, multiple tunes), rehearse, figure out wardrobe, hair and makeup and do mega amounts of promotion. These people are under enough pressure to create a diamond!

David Bromstad-Design Star

I understand that the challenges, on all these shows, test the knowledge of their craft and their creativity but, jeez louise, even the finest in their fields might have a tough time with these assignments. I’ve seen the best and worst rooms decorated strictly with grocery store purchases, the most beautiful and ugliest dresses made with burlap bags and heard the worst and most cleverly arranged songs. And after every challenge, I’m glad I’m the one watching, not driving myself crazy doing them!

So, I thought I’d write a tip ‘o the hat blog post for these mighty Warriors of Creativity. May they continue to entertain, amaze and amuse us for seasons to come!

Do What You Love!

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