Saturday, January 30, 2010

Potpourri Friday

I meant to do this yesterday but I’m a bit under the weather… So, here’s Potpourri Friday on Saturday morning…

The Mom said she was sending me a box this week. She'd only tell me that she wished she could be there to see my face when I opened it.

Here's a glimpse:

She loves jewelry and bought a lot of scrimshaw in the 70's:

She also bought a lot of flashy, colorful cocktail rings:

Here's some sentimental faves--my grandmother loved Lady Slippers

We both love Amethyst:

And this is a set my father sent to my mother from Japan when he was on leave from Korea.

So, it was a surprise, to say the least, when I opened the box. There are a lot of things I'm keeping, but the rings are mostly too big and she said I could sell them, so I've gotta fire up the Ebay account sometime soon. Some of the scrimshaw will go on Etsy, since I know that's in the vintage range.

So, thanks Ma! For both some really cool jewelry and maybe a little cash as well!

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Faerie Moon Creations said...

The scrimshaw jewelry is just lovely. You don't find jewelry like that very much any more. Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on my blog, especially regarding Jazzy. It meant so very much! :) Sincerely, Theresa (#263)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

What a great box to have opened...I remember having pieces like some of those..yes I'm old...And I remember my Mother wearing pieces like those...The rings are my favorites but then I love rings and have them on nearly every finger...

Have a great weekend..