Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Recommendation Saturday-Debutante Dropout

I just started the fourth book in this series by Susan McBride, having totally loved the first three. The main protagonists, Andy Kendricks, the anti-deb daughter of high society widow, Cissy, both live, work (Andy) and do charity fundraising (Cissy) in Dallas. To get me interested in a series, you’ve gotta have characters I enjoy and watching Andy and Cissy try to reconcile their relationship is a hoot. Cissy wants Andy to use her trust fund and become a “lady who lunches”. Andy wants to create websites for non-profits and do her artwork.

Naturally, I mean, this is a mystery series, Andy gets herself into situations that require amateur investigation and sometimes wild antics. Her boyfriend, defense attorney Brian Malone, and her mother’s maid and Andy’s former nanny, Sandy Beck, provide backup or a shoulder to cry on. Even Cissy has been known to get into the act and even initiate investigations. Sometimes you want to hold Andy back but however crazy things get, she always come out ok.

These are fun reads with mildly interesting mysteries. What I like most about them is the relationship between Andy and Cissy. What could have stayed a stereotyped portrait of a mother and daughter as polar opposites has grown into two women seeing the depth and importance of each other, while still having major differences in their lifestyles.

And since I’m running behind this week, due to tummy troubles, here’s my Wishful Thinking Sunday:

James Lipton asks all his Inside the Actor’s Studio guests, when you get to the Pearly Gates, what do you imagine God saying to you. My answer would be, Yes, Mare, Heaven IS a library.

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