Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Yard Sale Booty!

What's better than a community wide yard sale? TWO community wide yard sales! It was a good morning, folks! Let's see what I plundered this time:

Here's the whole kit and caboodle: a cool chain, earrings, a pin, pendants and charm bracelet

Won't that little flower pendant in the lower corner look great with a silver and maybe green flower pattern chain. The other flower, too. And those gold earrings with the awesome shapes~they're destined to be multiple pairs! The different chains within that one necklace have much potential. And I couldn't resist the colors on that enameled pin.

The pretty round connectors of that chain will be so much fun to design a new chain around. The gold heart has some yellow rhinestones, which are cool and will make a great necklace. The stylized cross is, I believe, sterling.

The earrings in the lower right are missing some components but I have black Swarovski bi-cones that will look even better. The charms on the bracelet I couldn't have bought at a bead store for what I paid for the entire bracelet. The other little earrings I'm going to add more components to create a whole different look.

I'm not usually into keys but, ahem, keys with serious bling is a different matter!

Simply charming!

Hope everyone's having fun this year, getting ready for your holidays. I have one more package to get sent to the east coast, my cards went out this morning and I'm checking my calendar to see when The Husband and I get our hot chocolate (me) and hot vanilla (him) and walk through an outrageously decked out neighborhood to see the Christmas lights.

And if you still need some stocking stuffers or little gifts, my $5 Earring, $9 Bracelet and $20 Necklace sale is still on at C'mon by and get some last minute gifts that will be appreciated all year long!

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