Saturday, October 17, 2009

Library Fundraiser

Today I participated in a first-ever library fundraiser featuring local jewelry artists in Foothill Ranch, CA. It was so much fun, we decided to do it again in May, just before Mother’s Day. Mark your calendars!

We were all gathered in a good sized multi-purpose room across from the entrance to the library itself. As usually happens the first time you do something like this, there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic but we all brainstormed during the day to make our next show even better. One ginormous challenge is that the city doesn’t allow signage of any kind… Huh?? But we shall overcome! Even though it was a little slow, I think each of us sold some things today, so that’s a whole lot better than some shows I’ve been a part of. And I knew almost all the artists, so it was like old home week!

Just a couple of cell phone pix:

Here’s Bambi, a sweet doggie that everyone fell in love with. He (yes, he) was so good natured and let mom shop without a fuss.

In case you’re wondering what the back of my display looks like, here ya go. I bought a big wooden box at a yard sale years ago that I drape with velour and put jewelry busts on top and in front of. That leaves the back open for me to organize my calculator, sales slips and money pouch. You can also see the backs of my earring displays, which are made with artist canvas boards. In the background, you can see the huge bouquets of origami birds made by my friend, Melinda Alexander, who I'll rhapsodize over in my next blog.

That was my last scheduled show of the season. If you know of any good little inside shows that are still looking for jewelry vendors in the OC in November or December, definitely drop me a line.

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Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

That's wonderful! Congrats on the sales.
Your setup looks great!