Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bear Chick in a Treasury!

Treasury’s are collections of Etsy items “curated” by Etsy folk. When you log onto the Etsy website, treasuries are what you see on the front page. People compose them according to themes, colors, item types, whatever floats their boat.

Well, today, Ceejay60 included me in a very colorful treasury she put together. I was at work when I got word and did a quick cut and paste but couldn’t get the whole collection, unfortunately. But there’s my wildly colorful Days of Wine and Roses earrings in the upper right corner. It’s always nice to be part of a collection. I’ve never done one myself, but someday, I’ll learn to “curate” my own collections.

Check out Ceejay60’s shop. She’s got some really awesome photography and groovy macramé jewelry.

Thanks Ceejay60!

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