Saturday, May 9, 2009

Productive Morning Saling

The Husband had the luxury this AM of going into work late (of course, that means he has to work late…), so we had the chance to do some yard saling. See why I love to sale on my other blog,

Anyway, here’s the haul (ok, it‘s a rather small haul since we got up late and our time was limited. Let‘s call it a haulette, then). The shirt I bought as inspiration for The Battle of the Bulge I’m currently waging. And who could resist such blingy shoes for a buck!

Here are some excellent charms I can use on my Charm N Bead pieces.

I got these earrings not only because they’re hearts, but because there are spaces I can use to attach chain or jump rings to make them very big charms.

The heart and fleur de lies can be used as charms and the black and silver earrings will make some very classy ATC very happy.

Here’s a close up of the detail on the little shoes. I have a pink and sparkly shirt these will go excellently with. A girl’s gotta have some fun and bling!

So, all this cool stuff added up to less than $5. Awesome, huh!?

Here’s my #1 Yard Saling Tip:

Every night, throw your change in a special purse or tin. Then when you go yard saling, you’ve got plenty of change to whip out and spend easily and the people doing the yard sales love you for not expecting change for a $20!

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