Thursday, May 7, 2009

Give Me Some Credit!

I haven’t been told officially yet, but it looks like I’ll be going back to part time at the Day Job soon. I’ve been busily making plans to ramp up Bear Chick and one of the components to that is accepting credit cards again.

I’m planning to do more shows this year, especially in the fall and into the holiday season and taking credit cards at shows is always a good strategy. Also, folks who don’t like signing up with websites like Etsy and Artfire can provide their CC info over the phone to me for their treasures. I’m also going to carry around credit card slips in my purse in case someone falls in love with a piece I’m wearing and simply must have it but there’s no ATM is sight. It could happen!

Just in case you’re interested, I signed up with Propay, who I’ve worked with before. There’s just an annual fee, no monthly fee and then, naturally, fees for each transaction, that are actually quite reasonable. It’s a great deal for crafters who only do shows at certain times of the year or just sporadically.

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