Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Are My Rock by Cidtalk

I wanted to show you all the print I bought from this talented and friendly Etsy artist, Cidtalk. She posted the original black and white drawing on a weekly challenge blog called Thursday Sweet Treat. Being the cat lover I am, I really connected with it and immediately sent her an Etsy convo, asking if she was planning to create prints of her design. She let me know that she probably would and thanked me for the compliment. So every once in a while, I'd check back to see if "my" print was there. Sure enough, one day there were actually two versions~the original black and white, but also a version she had colored. Because the one in color had caught my eye as soon as I logged onto her shop (I'm Fearlessly Colorful, remember!), that was the one I decided on.

She also had a stylized lily of the valley. Turns out both of our grandmother's loved lily of the valley. We convo'd about trying to grow them (I have failed miserably~can't find a good balance of sun and shade in my yard~she's just starting her adventure) and shared how much we love their scent.

So, now I need to frame these wonderful prints and put them in a place I can see them daily. Thanks, Cindy, for adding some beauty to my home and heart!

Please respect Cidtalk's copyright on this artwork :-)

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aliceinparis said...

I love lily of the valley and am lucky enough to have some growing under a large birch tree. The scent is intoxicating!!