Tuesday, March 31, 2009

As Promised, The Contest Necklace

At last, (drum roll, please) here is Tequila Sunrise!

I took these pictures after a day at The Day Job so they’re obviously not the photos I’ll send for the contest. But they show the color pretty well.

The category I’m entering is Glass and I’d say this is 99% glass. I think a couple of plastic beads snuck in in my passion for orange. But the majority has to be glass, so I think I’m safe.

It's pretty amazing how heavy this piece is. And I love the sound it makes, like little windchimes.

I originally wanted a toggle in the shape of a sun but when I couldn’t find that, I went to a local bead shop and lucked into a brick red enameled toggle, that matched my color scheme. I was very happy to find it. C Koop is the designer.

Hopefully I’ll have the time this weekend to take some really good photos and get the entry in. I’m getting ready to meet my mom in Vegas for a week, so there’s a lot going on right now.

I also want to make an entry for the Heart category and after that, there’s a necklace I’m designing for the Orange County Fair…



debvandet said...

Beautiful necklace and the name is great too. Good luck!


Great colors and texture! Beautiful necklace

Bear Chick said...