Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dogs for the Deaf

Time for a Public Service Announcement. Dogs for the Deaf is my favorite animal organization. They rescue dogs from the pound and train them to become companion dogs for the deaf and hard of hearing. It's a total win-win situation.

Located in Oregon, they've been doing this great work since 1977. Recently, they've also been training their dogs for other missions, including companion dogs called Miracle Mutts, who help to alleviate depression and loneliness and their newest venture, dogs for Autistic children. They provide loving guidance for all the dogs they bring to the facility and find the best match with a person in need of their unique talents. All dogs are free to recipients. And rest assured, if a dog turns out to be not trainable as a companion helper, they are found a good, loving home.

Their biggest fundraiser is called the Dog Walk, held near their Central Point headquarters every year. You can see some pictures on their website ( but he’s one adorable doggie now:

When you make a donation, they’ll put you on their snail mail newsletter list or you can sign up for the E-version. This multi-page newsletter is a tear jerker! I love all the wonderful success stories and updates on new developments in training and facilities. They always include a line of Dogs for the Deaf products (also available on their website) for both us and our animals and I don't mind buying from them for gifts and things for myself because I know the majority of the money goes "to the dogs"!

I wish I could do more than send the occasional check, so here's what I can do~~let you all know about this great organization and hope you, too, can send an occasional check to help these folks continue to do their awesome work for dogs and people!

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