Sunday, March 1, 2009

Artist’s in Action

My title is more about my awkward cell phone photos than our little workshop, but that’s ok.

I took a workshop yesterday with my friend and fellow Bead Society member, Barbara Bastrup. She’s a terrific artist and journal maker and offered us a few hours of learning new techniques in a class called the Beaded Page. We had a blast painting, gluing and playing with beads and glass.

Here we are “in action”.

Here’s my project, called Laugh. You can’t read the silver heart but I took the opportunity to practice with my new metal stamping kit and had a field day, using all the new graphic stamps (a cat face, a curly heart and a star) and the letters L A U G H. I wanted to have a reminder for The Husband and I that, through all the goofy things happening to us lately, we just have to LAUGH!

Hope you get to take a class like this, where you can just bust loose and try new things. I used some new glues I hadn’t seen before and got to use some glass tiles and shiny pieces of broken glass to add some sparkle to my canvas. I used too much glue for the HA in the upper right corner but, as my counterpart in Blogland says,

C’est la vie!

It’s all good!

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