Sunday, January 25, 2009

Charm Swap at Cloth Paper Scissors

I always say I’m going to participate in contests or whatnot, but somehow life always intrudes. But not this time! The excellent magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, is offering a charm swap. You send in up to 5 handmade charms and you get back the same number made by other people. I just thought that was a cool invite and so, even though they’re not due till April, I sent mine in already. Who knew if life would intrude and get me off track. So, here they are:

Some of my red vinyl record album discs hanging from a rubber ring.

Copper painted kukui nut bead with crystal

Found filigree globe with peacock freshwater pearls.

This is a paper bead I made, embellished with faceted glass and bead caps

Pretty Japanese Washi Paper over a wooden bead

Some may even get published. That would be cooler than cool!

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