Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bear Chick’s Artfire Studio

Ok, I finally broke down and started an Artfire shop. I’ll tell you why. Two reasons.

1.) I wanted to be able to differentiate my chain work from my bead work. When I look at a shop, it’s a little chaotic when they sell a bunch of different styles or products. That’s why I opened BearChickArt for the ATC’s (which I haven’t been inspired to work on in a while--ATC muse is on winter break, apparently).

2.) I had just read an article saying the more places you are on the web, the better to be found in Search Engine searches. That ended my debate on whether I should just quit thinking so much and have everything stay on Etsy only.

So, I closed the Shophandmade shop because their beta never got better. I found them to be very uninspiring and just didn’t like the layout. Artfire is more like Etsy, in that they’re trying to foster a community of artists by offering forums and featuring articles by and about the artists themselves. It’s still in the Beta stage but I’ve heard a lot of good things and I follow the founder on Twitter, who seems to be very hands on. It’s a snap to add new items and I like the search feature. There are things I miss from Etsy, but it’s all good. Here I am:

And here are two of the new anklets you’ll find at Artfire.

Pretty metal swirlies with a flower design chain

Sterling silver swirl connectors with a double chain pattern

So, come by and see me. We need all the traffic we can get. And tell two friends so they’ll tell two friends and so on and so on and Scooby dooby dooby. OK, I was up late last night…

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twenty pound tabby said...

Hi! Nice blog! I also set up an Artfire shop, mostly because of reason number 2. And it was free.