Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Name in Cloth Paper Scissors!

Ok, none of my design work got published but my name is mentioned in the Popping the Question section of the new November/December issue. The question was “What’s Your Favorite Art-Related Book”. So I quickly e-mailed my answer a few months ago and there it is on the glossy page! We have to get our thrills where we can, right? For those of you unfamiliar with Cloth Paper Scissors, it’s a cool magazine devoted to collage and mixed media art. And in case you don’t get to see it, my fave art book is “Artist Trading Card Workshop”. I guess that’s not too much of a stretch for me, huh?

In other Bear Chick news, I’ve got most of the art moved over to I’ve been working on more of what I’m calling the Charm N Bead series of jewelry. Now I need to do some photographs when I get back from grocery shopping and get those on Etsy, along with a piece of vintage jewelry found while saling (yard saling, that is). I have a few pieces to post, by and by. Here’s a pretty Trifari brooch in fairly good condition:

Otherwise, the day job has been busy and the kitties have been mushy, wanting lots of attention, which I try to give since, well, why have pets if you’re gonna ignore ‘em! The Husband has been working both weekend days through October but that ends this weekend, so we’ll have some daylight together again.

Trying to come up with the best deals I can offer on Etsy… Freebies or free shipping domestically… I’m aiming for the Grand Opening next Saturday of to decide what the holiday deal will be.


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VanDerHoekArt said...

How exciting to be quoted in a magazine! Sorry your design work didn't make it in but keep submitting, you never know.

Beautiful pin in this post!