Saturday, July 12, 2008

Successful Show in Cerritos

Just got home from the Tall Mouse/Handmade Brigade show. I love it when a show is well organized, friendly and inside! (Inside means climate control and no breeze knocking over jewelry displays and ATC’s) Nina, from Tall Mouse, did a terrific job of communicating with all us vendors and setting up a great show. Here I am:

Hopefully we’ll be doing it again in November. I’d better get started on stocking stuffers!

Another fun aspect of the show today was meeting a lot of folks who sell on Etsy. The only purchase I made (believe me, at a show the biggest temptation is to spend all my profits so I’m very careful about not going overboard!) was from a fellow Etsian, Kelsodoesntdance, who makes beautiful fabric purses. I really like the one with three layers of ruffles! Here’s an example of what she’s offering.

What I bought from her are pins made of scraps of the fabrics she uses for the purses, which I‘ll be making into chokers (like my cowboy hat necklace, which I sold today). Talk about recycling!

Happy Saturday Night!

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