Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just a Quick One!

I wanted to show you I wasn't a total slug on my vacation. I did work on some artwork and ATC's this week. They're still Works in Progress but here's one that only needs the Certificate of Authenticity adhered to the back:

It's an ATC titled, The Story of My Life. Reading, writing and creating have always been important elements for me, since I can remember. I'd drive my parents crazy reading billboards when I was learning the alphabet. I can't remember not having a library card. And I've always created things, from dolls clothes to flowers made of plastic and tissue paper and fabric to my ATC's and jewelry. For this one, I started with three Inchies (1" x 1" artwork) that I doodled with colored pencils. Then I punched out some stars and did the words on computer.

Soon to be finished, artwork with themes from Paris, The Little Prince and a black and white challenge for Somerset Magazine.

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