Friday, May 16, 2008

Work In Progress (WIP)

I’m melting… melting! OK, it’s hot here in SoCal. My thermometer is reading 100 degrees! Last week I had my heater on… It’s gonna be a long, strange summer…

Today I worked on a few pieces I’d already started. Here’s a preview of one of my numerous Peace Sign anniversary works.

I’m doing the Celebration of the Arts on June 1st and any new art that doesn’t sell there, I’ll put on Etsy the following week. From now till the first, I’m going to be working, working, working! In fact, when I finish this entry, I’ll be starting something new. That’s always scary and fun.

Here’s the info for June 1 again, in case anyone in the Fullerton/Yorba Linda area wants to come see me with my jewelry and art and Dean with his country/comedy show, Squeaky Wheel.

Celebration of the Arts
Hurless Burton Park
4601 Casa Loma
Yorba Linda, CA
11AM to 4PM

Hope to see you there!

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