Sunday, August 30, 2015

Leftover Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my work space, sorting through the detritus of previous projects, when I came across some short lengths of round chain.

I love that chain design because it’s really versatile--big but not too big--great for necklaces and bracelets.  But these lengths… Hmmm…  Connected with a jump ring, they’d be a good length for the long earrings that are in style lately.  But, of course, if they’re Bear Chick, they need more color.  

 So, into my bead boxes I go to find some small beads--yeah, purple is perfect.  I connect these with simple loops, then make another unit for the top with a focal bead.  Both the chain and beads sparkle and move when I walk.  Mmmm, the sample pair is mine!!

Once I made the first pair, I had to go out and buy more of the chain to make this design in a color wheel of colors, plus black and crystal.

Click on picture to see earrings on Etsy

Then I had to make an extravagantly long single earring.  Just ‘cause I could.

What leftover craft or art supply, food or ?? has inspired you to make something new?

Look for these earrings on my Etsy and Aftcra shops and if there's a special color you'd like, let me know! 

 C’est La Vie! Do What You Love!

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