Saturday, June 20, 2015

Guitar Pick Jewelry

Last year, when we were in the Boston area, The Husband got himself a guitar pick punch at a local comic book shop.  He goes through guitar picks pretty fast and planned to make them out of old gift cards and expired credit cards.  Now he has quite a collection.

Fast forward a year.  I’ve been borrowing his punch to make cute guitar picks for jewelry.  Sometimes I buy gift cards specifically for their graphics, like these:  

 They were Walmart gift cards available around Easter.

Unlike The Husband, I have to make at least one hole, sometimes 2 depending on the design, so I also have a hole puncher.  It’s supposed to be for metal but so far, it’s been fine for the plastic. 

And I've also used the specialty scissors to cut unusual shapes as a background for charms.

  I love adding the beads, charms and chain to the picks to create little one of a kind treasures.  You can find them in my earrings section on Etsy  HERE

C’est La Vie! Do What You Love!

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