Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jewelry From Jewelry

The Husband and I were at the mall a few weeks ago. This is, at most, a half yearly event. We're not really mall folks… But I do like to zoom into Forever 21 while I'm there since they have some really cool jewelry. Do I buy it to wear? Au contraire! I buy it to cannabalize and put my own Bear Chick twist on it.

I found these amazingly sparkly earrings.

They are so big, they naturally presented themselves to me as pendants. So I added some complementary faceted beads and gold chain and voila!

I'm thinking of sending this into a bead magazine as an example of looking at jewelry in different ways, with an eye to creating something entirely new.

What do you use in your jewelry or art to give it your special take?

Do What You Love!