Saturday, May 12, 2012

Color and Bling in Vegas

The Husband and I had the opportunity to meet family in Vegas this week. Here we are with my cousins, Paul and Rita. We’d seen Paul, who lives in Massachusetts, two years ago in Palm Springs but we hadn’t seen his sister, Rita, who lives in Colorado, since the 80’s. It was a really special trip and we had a blast!

You know me--I’m always on the lookout for color and sparkle. Here are a few Sin City examples:

A sparkly peacock in a shop window at the Wynn

The Wynn, though very sophisticated, was also very colorful. Check out the mosaic floors and the fresh flower balls in the trees

These gorgeous pagoda/umbrella’s hang in a two story lounge area. How do they keep them clean?? 

I’m a Leo, so this super blingy lion at the Venetian caught my attention! Isn’t he grand?

This is a reflection of a chandelier in the shiny black floor of a lobby. For some reason, it picked up the colors that you couldn’t see in the actual light fixture…

Part of the spring display at the Bellagio’s Atrium. Doesn’t it make you smile?


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