Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Colorful Shoes!

Every year, we go to a rummage sale at a nearby church. I make a beeline for the jewelry tables but the last few years, I’ve been a little disappointed. Today, I snagged a few interesting chains but that was it… I’m hoping next weekend (it’s a two weekend annual event), they have more to offer.

So, I poked around other areas and I’m happy to report I added to my collection of colorful shoes:

These are sandals with bright primary colors. Don’t hate me if you’re in cold places, but I could have worn these today! It was in the high 70’s here in SoCal.

With so many colors, I’ll be able to wear them with practically anything!
But these are my real crazy finds:

Not surprisingly, these goofy little gems were in the Valentine’s section! Normally, I wouldn’t buy a pointy toe, but they’re so dang cute and only $2!

Truth be told, I’ll probably only wear them when there won’t be a lot of walking involved--they’re a little tight. But I might be able to manage them at work if I don’t have to walk to the copier a lot LOL!!

Even the insides are heart-a-licious!
I also snagged a bunch of great tops, including a couple for my favorite folks (don’t want to spoil surprises) and a Bob’s Big Boy t-shirt with a woody station wagon on the back for The Husband.

Tune in next weekend to see if I get any good pickin’s!

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