Sunday, December 18, 2011

There Are No Mistakes in Art

A few blog entries ago, I showed you my first metal pieces. One I made into a cool, steampunk-y pendant. The other I said I’d only be able to wear around the house since my attempt to drill some holes in it went awry.

Well, when a childhood friends’ father, Arthur, recently suffered a stroke, I was feeling pretty useless. I’m in CA and they’re in AZ and even if I‘d been in the same town, it‘s hard to know what to do. But I did want to do something to encourage the whole family. I sent cards. I sent my girlfriend, Gay, emails. But I kept thinking that there must be something I could create just for Arthur.

I knew it couldn’t be something wearable. But the idea of something encouraging wouldn’t go away. It was like a song that gets stuck in your head… Finally, I caught sight of that metal piece on my worktable one day and knew I could do something with that. So I got out my punch and, dang it, again, the hole I drilled still wasn’t where I wanted it! I have since bought a real drill. The helicopter punch I have is great but I need more practice… Anyway, the third hole was the charm!

I wanted to express the thoughts of Hope, Believe and, especially, Faith. So, using charms and green fire polished glass that matched the keyhole on the piece, I made dangles in various lengths and metal colors by threading each component on a head pin and making loops to connect them. I added a short chain to hang it with, hoping he could have it by his bed to see every day and know that his friends and family think of him and are praying for recovery. Gay told me they hung it on a lamp where he can see it.
So, even the things we consider mistakes at first can still be given important roles to play!

PS--Gay set up a page for her dad on a website called It’s an online journal for people facing health challenges. Gay and her mom are able to write about Arthur’s progress and challenges and readers can send words of encouragement in the guestbook feature. If you know anyone who could use that type of site, please pass this on!

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