Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soldered Collage Pendant Class

In our warm, dry classroom at Brea Bead Works today, we watched the chilly rain come down while we assembled tiny collages and soldered them between two pieces of glass. When I first signed up, I didn’t know why it was such a long class (noon to 5) but now I realize that to build thoughtful collages and have the time to learn the construction of the pendant, you need to take your time.

Here’s my work space:


Packages of glass on the upper left, cutting board, glue stick, scissors, papers and a copy of a Paris postcard I cut up.
Front of collages:

Back of collages:

Our fabulous teacher, Jennifer Soltero. She’s holding an awesome shadowbox necklace she created! All the BBW teachers are so talented! Marie, who I found out late in the class time, is from my old stomping grounds of Boston, took this picture of us because Jennifer is kinda shy and didn’t want to pose alone :-)

And here are the finished pendants, front:

When I was trying to come up with themes for my collages, reading and Paris came to mind immediately. For the Read project, I printed out the names of my four favorite books and staggered them from line to line for the background. And as I said, I copied a French postcard, both front and back, for the Paris one.

And back:

Jennifer generously brought papers, glitter glue, paints, stamps and stamp pads for us to use. When I saw the dragonflies, I knew that was my third project!

I love the idea of telling stories in such a small format. The real challenge is getting the hang of burnishing the copper tape correctly and soldering. Just like getting to Carnegie Hall, it takes practice, practice, practice. And a new soldering gun, apparently, since mine just wouldn’t work today… Grrrrr… Oh, well, it’s already on order!

So, next up, another metals class just after Christmas. What classes have you all got lined up?

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