Saturday, November 12, 2011

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over

I remember when I was in high school home ec sewing class. Vaguely… Anyway, I hated to start something and have to tear it apart when I realized it wasn’t working. I had no tolerance for going back and making it right. But I was young and silly and impatient.

Now, I understand that sometimes you have to look at your work and decide to make it better. There’s satisfaction in doing something because you want to do your best and you recognize that what you’re looking at is NOT your best.

For example, I was looking at some Christmas jewelry I made a few years ago that didn’t sell and were sitting in my Expired Listings on Etsy. One necklace, a simple pendant on a chain, had a wrapped loop that just looked messy~gaps between the wraps and not tight against the bead:

So I remade it this year, relisted it and sold it within a few hours!

I also took the two other necklaces I had with these cute stained glass Christmas Trees and remade them. Here’s one of the originals, both were similar in design:

Not well designed~I think I’d just started creating the Bead N Charm necklaces and went a little overboard!

Here are the two new necklaces I made, plus a pair of earrings:

Cool gold chain and starry glass beads

Silver hearts and red chains

Cute earrings with fire polished sparkle

I don’t consider the original designs a failure. I’ve just evolved and refined how I create jewelry. It’s a big success when I take something and make it into something better. I think that’s the most important aspect of this exercise--making it better is such a pleasure.

When you’re not happy with what you’ve made, MAKE IT AGAIN! If you’ve got old projects sitting around, gathering dust, because they didn’t live up to your expectations, bring them out into the light and give them new life. You’ll be glad you did.

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