Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Bear Chick Got Her Name

I'm asked a lot how I came up with the name Bear Chick. When I was trying to think of a name for the business, I was concentrating on my height. Or rather my lack of height… Short Stuff Jewelry, Little Bit Jewels, things like that. But I really wanted the name to be more specific to me. I thought and worried and fussed and one day, it came to me. I should use the endearment The Husband called me. Bear Chick.


BEAR-When we were young, we called each other Tigger and Pooh Bear. Cue the chorus of Awwwwww's… Pooh Bear eventually devolved to Bear.

CHICK-He doesn't remember how that got tacked onto Bear, but it does mean girl, so it's fitting.


He actually bought me a bear dressed up as a chick but I can't find it… Here's a picture:

The actual business name is Bear Chick Originals. For a while, I combined the jewelry business with a since defunct home redesign business and I dropped the Originals so there would be less confusion. Now I still have only Bear Chick on my business cards and banners. I like that it's short and sweet!

I have to say that Bear Chick is a fairly memorable name--many times people will see me at an event and remember the name from years past. You have to admit, it's not a name you hear every day.


Oh, and I have to be very careful to spell out the name if I'm saying it to someone… Otherwise, it sounds quite risque!

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Sheep Rustler said...

That's a really sweet story!