Thursday, September 22, 2011

Palm Springs Art Museum

I always find the beadwork! A few weeks ago (yes, I'm a little behind…), The Husband and I ambled through the wonderful Palm Springs Art Museum. One of their exhibits, Comic Art Indigene, showcased Native American comic book art and related subjects. Here are two colorful examples of amazing beadwork:

I don't do a lot of work with seed beads, the little tiny beads. I don't have the patience to work with something that small, so I appreciate the talent and amount of work that went into these pieces.

Unfortunately, Comic Art Indigene ended it’s run last Sunday. But here's a couple of favorite artworks from our visit:

Woo hoo! Neon paint, scads of texture and, oooooooo, glitter!

Bear Chick, herself, posing with her favorite Dale Chihuly glass sculpture

Even the chandeliers are works of art!

I'd love to have a small version of this~it makes me smile!

The Husband and Bear Chick~part of the art!

The Husband loved the artwork and I love hearts

Do What You Love!


Chris said...

Wow! That glass sculpture was amazing! You sure enjoy sharing beauty~~~We enjoy seeing it. :-)

Bear Chick said...

Thanks Chris! If you ever get to the Bellagio in Vegas, you have to see Chihuly's installation there--huge glass flowers on the ceiling near the check in counters--amazing! I do like to share all the fun and beautiful things I encounter.