Monday, July 4, 2011

Classes are Fun!

A few weeks ago, I took a class to make a fabric flower and embellishments brooch. I’m not a big fiber person but I thought it would be fun, since it was being taught by my friend, Anneliese, and it might open me up to something I’d like to pursue. Lately, I’m really picky about classes I’m taking because I just don’t want to start something new that will require a new range of tools or materials. For this class, all I had to buy was the fabric and the pin. Everything else I already had. Yay!

This class was offered through the Bead Society, after our main meeting. Sometimes those classes get a huge turnout and sometimes, if it’s a busy weekend, they become somewhat intimate--this one had three students! Which was actually quite nice. We got to know each other better than in a big group and we got undivided attention from Anneliese.

Here’s what I made:

Anneliese taught us how to fold and scrunch the fabric to create the flower. As with any first attempt,
it’s not perfect :-) The proportions are off (the flower is way bigger than the pendant) and the chains aren’t placed well, so they hang a little off from the pendant. But it’s my first baby and I like it. I used sequins and seed beads to add sparkle to the flower petals and my beloved Eiffel Tower has fire polished glass dangles.

Mostly what I wanted from the class was to learn how to make the flowers. Now I can make smaller ones to attach to necklaces or use in ways I haven’t thought of yet. It’s a new skill, that I need some more practice on, and that’s what I love. The more knowledge I have, the more inspiration I have to draw on!

Do What You Love!

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Chris said...

How gorgeous your piece turned out!!! I love it! And I love your enthusiasm. Keep spreading the love my friend~~