Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Influence

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post that started me thinking about my raincoat and how I’d like to give it a facelift. So I finally got the chance to stop by Joann’s yesterday and look at buttons. The original buttons were very conservative (black with a gold crest) on a black and tan trench coat. Forgive the pictures…

Kinda boring…

Here is the new look. Subtle but enough of a difference to please me.

I really love the Art Nouveau look of these!

Here’s the original blog post that gave me the idea:

I love Tara Fortin’s art, especially her Batcats.

Do What You Love!


Chris said...

Mary, Love the new buttons! Feels so good when you give a tired piece a new lease with a little change. :-) You rock!

Bear Chick said...

Thanks! I actually got to wear it yesterday in the drizzle we had. Lovely!