Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Park Orange County, Part 1

The Great Park is an ongoing project in Orange County that hopes to be Southern California's version of Golden Gate Park, rising up on the grounds of the defunct El Toro Air Base. They recently announced a new weekly Sunday Farmer’s Market that opened on Halloween Day, so while we were on vacation last week, we went to check it out.

Part 1

The Farmer’s Market and Part of The Great Park

Gourmet food trucks lined up for lunch

Design-wise, this is my favorite: Dogzilla, not your typical wiener. That says it all!

Booths and crowds--fruits, veggies, homemade goodies and artisans galore!

A genuine French macaron - Nom!! Fueling my desire to go to Paris!

The Great Park Balloon-tethered to the earth, but rises 400 feet for great views. The morning we went a few years ago, it was foggy, which actually created a really cool effect-made us feel alone in a white, chilly world. They also have night flights at certain times.

One of the finished areas: "rocks" for climbing and sliding for the kids. The building of The Great Park is a gradual process. There are buildings housing historical exhibits of El Toro, plus a carousel and gardens I'm saving for future blog entries.

This tree was moved from it's original place to make room for another project. I love that it was moved instead of just discarded. That gives me hope that The Great Park has responsible people at it's helm.

Stay tuned for Part 2--The Carousel!

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Chris said...

"dogzilla, not your typical wiener" hahahaha I LOVE it! I hadn't heard about Great Park. Very cool!