Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Trees at Tom's Farm

Having a lovely vacation week and decided to take a jaunt to Tom's Farms in Corona, CA.

We usually go on the weekend, when the place is hoppin' with families, artisans and entertainment, so going during the week was peaceful but unusually quiet. But nice just the same. We had our fave menu item, Irish Nacho's~french fries covered in cheese, bacon bits and green onion~surrounded by what seemed to be a convention of CHIPS motorcycle officers! We felt very safe...

Today's post centers around the Christmas trees recently set up in Tom's Home store. They were all gorgeous and some are upside down. Throughout the years I've lived in California, I've known a few people who set up their trees upside down. Googling today, I found that a monk a long time ago in Europe started the tradition, using the Holy Trinity as inspiration... I also found out that it's becoming a trend in retailing because more bulbs and trim can be shown at eye level plus there's more retail space underneath with this configuration. Trust Big Business to turn Christmas upside down!

Here are some of my favorites:

I had to have my picture taken with the purple pink one!

This one caught my eye as we walked past the store because it's all autumn colors.

Christmas Candy Canes

Fabulous feathery pink!

Knock Your Eye Out Red! Even the merchandising surrounding it looks wicked cool.

The Husband gets into the act. Too bad I couldn't get him to stand on his head...

And the Ultimate Tree for those of us who love bling!! This is absolutely gorgeous!

Here's a close up. *Le sigh*

Next post: Signs at Tom's Farms. They're kinda fun!

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Chris said...

Love the pink tree! You look so cute! And the upside down tree is funny~ enjoy your time off. :-)

Bear Chick said...

Awww *blushing*!