Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Great Vendor Experience

I decided I’d better stock up on padded envelopes and small boxes to send out my jewelry for the coming holiday season, so I wandered around the ‘net a bit and wound up at Papermart, where I’d made a purchase or two before. They had the best prices and I noticed they’re within a half hour drive from me, in Orange, California. Since I had some time to kill on Tuesday morning, saving $14 on shipping inspired me to try their Will Call system.

I called them on Monday with my two case order and figured I’d have an adventure picking them up the next day. The woman who took my order gave me excellent directions (it was only a left and a right from the main road I traveled but sometimes people tell you how to get somewhere when they really don’t know…), so there wasn’t any losing our way drama. First we saw their distinctive signs along the road, so we knew we were on the right track. Then their building was well marked, including the Will Call and Warehouse entrances. At Will Call, the payment process was a breeze. Out to Door #2 (yes, references to Let’s Make a Deal were made by The Husband…) to pick up our two little cases of goodies. The warehouse guy was happy to open the cases for us to take a look and make sure they were what we wanted.

How often do you have such a pleasant and easy shopping experience? We were impressed with their whole operation. Plus the fact that their prices are terrific. Even with shipping you’ll get a great deal buying the items you use the most in bulk with Papermart. And they offer quantity discounts. They sell everything from cardboard boxes to all kinds of bags and liners, fabrics and papers, plastic films and metal containers and balloons… Oh, go see for yourself!

The pertinent info:

Where they are: 2164 N BATAVIA ST, ORANGE, CA 92865-3104
Phone: 1-800-745-8800

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Yolanda M. said...

Thanks for the tip! Going to give them a try.