Sunday, September 5, 2010

Palm Springs Reunion

A few weeks ago, The Husband and I took a trip to Palm Springs to see my cousin, Paul, visiting from Massachusetts. He and His Dean (since The Husband is also named Dean, this seemed a good way to differentiate The Dean’s…) had come out to Ventura for an anniversary party and drove over to Palm Springs (about a 2 ½ hour journey) on their own for some gambling and visiting. I hadn’t seen Paul in 28 years!! We had such a fun visit!

My Dean, Paul’s Dean, Paul and me

Here we all are at the buffet at the Spa Resort Casino. Four thumbs up for the buffet! Really good food and since it was mid-week, we were able to linger a couple hours at dinner and another couple of hours for breakfast the next day. We gabbed about everything under the sun and The Dean’s have music in common, so they spoke their own language for a while :-)

Did I mention it was over 106 degrees when we got there?! Nobody really wanted to spend a lot of time outdoors but I got The Husband up at 7:30 in the morning to take a walk before the triple digits took hold again. Here we are in silhouette. I’ve been inspired here by Angela Cartwright, who does a whole series of her shadow.

I’m happy to report that downtown Palm Springs seems to be reviving. When we were there last, about a year ago, so many storefronts were empty--so sad to see. This time, we noticed a lot of new stores and restaurants. Of course, I had to snap a pic of the French themed shop!

We caravanned to the Agua Caliente casino the next day and did a little gambling with Paul and His Dean, then said our goodbyes. I hope they come back again, maybe in the winter, when it’s a bit cooler! On our way home, we stopped at the Palm Springs Air Museum, one of The Husband’s favorite places on earth. Here he is, peeking through a plane engine.

And me, at the end of a miniature of Doolittle’s Raid.

That’s what I did on my summer vacation. How about you?

Do What You Love!

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