Saturday, September 25, 2010

If Filene’s Can Do It, So Can I!

Artfire, the artisan website I’ve had a love them/love them not relationship with, recently offered a $5.95/month pro plan, where you don’t pay to post items and you don’t pay a fee when something sells. They’ve been in Beta (a test phase) for a year or two, really concentrating on attracting sellers with their tools that Etsy doesn’t have, like sale and BOGO banners and sections, coupons and the ability to import items straight from Etsy (a big help when I migrated things this morning-more on that later). Once out of Beta, they’ll be concentrating on getting more traffic to their site, which is one of the big seller complaints at this point. The deal ends September 30, so if you're interested, get on board soon!

So, here’s what I decided to do. Artfire is now Bear Chick’s Bargain Basement! I really wanted to clean up my Etsy shop, keeping the newer items with the best pictures. This morning, I “imported” all my sale and older items to Artfire. Most of what’s there is on sale, plus a couple of things I posted there recently. Everything is quality merchandise, just with older pictures that aren’t quite as clear and sharp as my newer photos. Given the choice between taking new photos of everything or using that time to create new jewelry, well, you can see what I chose!

On sale for $6!

When you get a chance, take a look at Bear Chick’s Bargain Basement. I’m planning to add items as I’m going through inventory during the fall. And if you’re looking for affordable holiday gifts, bookmark both my Etsy shop and the Artfire shop for all your gift giving. If you find things you want in both shops, let me know before you buy and I’ll make you a special listing on Artfire (where you don’t need to be a member to buy) so it will be one order with the lowest shipping I can figure.

PS-for my non-US friends, Filene's is the Cadillac of Bargain Basement stores!

Do What You Love!

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