Friday, August 13, 2010

Finding Beauty on the Walk Home

Currently, The Husband and I have car issues. Namely, his car has been in the shop for two months! *sigh*

We live within walking distance of my workplace so he’s been dropping me at work and taking the car we’re sharing at this point the 10 miles to his job. Once in a while, when he has to work into the evening, I get to walk home (might as well make it sound enjoyable…). And in actual fact, the walk is good for me and if I go through the park, it IS pretty enjoyable.

Here’s a gander (sorry, there are geese in the park…) at my walk home:

The promise of things to come

Heron? Crane? Delicate and beautiful



The shady part

Duck Duck Goose


This little guy lives down the street from the park, near a very nice housing complex.

Do What You Love!

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