Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life on Etsy Tuesday

Bear Chick Sundries

Guess what?! I opened yet another shop on Etsy! It’s called Bear Chick Sundries and I’m slowly filling it with vintage items I pick up on my yard saling expeditions and destash from scads of crafting projects I’ve moved on from over the years.

Originally, I envisioned it as fairly bare bones, meaning I wasn’t going to put much money into promotion. But I’ve had pretty good luck advertising on Craftcult.com, a website that tracks your Etsy sales, hearts and other stats and I thought I might do a week of advertising with them once I get a few pages worth of goodies in the shop. Which means I’d need a graphic “button” to have installed on their site. If I was going to have that made, I might as well have a shop banner made, too. So, I zipped over to the Etsy shop where I’ve had my other banners created, Bearcengic, found a banner I liked (see above) and requested a special order of banner and button. Vanessa at Bearcengic had me hooked up within a couple of hours.

So, I’ve got to get moving and start filling up Bear Chick Sundries with more of my supplies that need new homes, plus the rings and scrimshaw my mother gave me recently.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find at Bear Chick Sundries:

3 strand Rhinestone spacers

Aqua Blue Vintage Earrings

Lily and Rhinestone Pin

Drop by often because as I go to yard sales and clean out my craft room, you never know what I’ll find!

Do What You Love!

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