Friday, May 28, 2010

Days of Skulls and Roses

At the Bead Society meeting last Saturday, a new bead challenge was announced. Sponsored by Jesse James (the bead company, not the shmuck, as Kat said), we each get a strand of beads. The strands are in different color groupings and contain a few fire polished, a few faux pearls and some other types of glass beads. We have to use the entire strand plus any other beads and embellishments we want to.

It didn’t take me long to grab a strand of pinks. Ever since my flirtation with a neon fuchsia Christmas tree last year, I’m likin’ pink a lot. At home, I went through my charms to come up with a theme and I found the coolest silver skulls with rose designs. And in a completely different bag, I found a skull and roses pendant. Oh boy! I’m on my way.

Of course, there’s always the possibility I’ll decide on a different theme, but I doubt it. I really like the name, Days of Skulls and Roses!

I’ll post updates as I work. Since the Orange County Fair necklace is done, I can start on the Bead Society challenge this weekend. I think it’s actually called the Go Make Something Great challenge and it’s not due till late August, so I have plenty of time.

Do What You Love!

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