Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Book Blog

This week I finished the second Paul Tremblay book featuring the narcoleptic PI, Mark Genevich, called No Sleep Till Wonderland. Just as good as the first book, it may actually be better in some aspects. Now I’m reading the second Charles Finch book, The September Society, whose lead character is the Sherlock Holmesesque Charles Lenox.

So, today I offer another readers’ source, Shelfari. Maybe you’ve noticed my widget that shows what book I’m reading, over to the left of the blog posts. I saw that widget on another blog and thought it would be so cool to have one on mine. I’m always interested in what people are reading. If there’s a photograph in a magazine with books on shelves or coffee tables, I always try to see what the titles are. I figure if I’m nosey, I mean curious, about what other people read, maybe they’ll be interested in what I’m reading, too.

Shelfari is a website for readers with several features. Mostly, I enter what I’m reading, review the book once I’ve finished it and start the next book. But they also have groups you can join, you can make friends to chat about all things books and there’s a blog. It also posts how many books you’ve read this year and last year at the top of your homepage, which I find kinda cool--it’s almost like I’m in competition with my last year’s self.

I love going to yard sales because I get to see a part of town I might not have discovered otherwise. The same is sometimes true for blog posts~to write this post, I’ve delved into Shelfari more than I have in the last year and a half I’ve been on it. I found that if you call up a book, you can get scads of information on it, including the first line, the locations, cast of characters and table of contents. On another tab of the books info page, you’ll find reviews from other readers, as well as discussions and all of the editions of a book that have been issued. So much book info, so little time!

So, if you’re a bookwork like me, take a look at Shelfari. If nothing else, you can use it to track what you’re reading, like I do. And you may find some new books to brighten your day!

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