Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Wishful Thinking

I wish I were neater.

OK, this isn’t our house. And I’ve NEVER been this bad. But I’ve always traveled “heavy”, meaning I’ve always had lots of stuff. As a kid, we lived in a small house and I remember I’d sit in the middle of the living room, working on some project or other, and I’d be surrounded by stuff. I’m still that way… I try to clean up all projects when I’m done but I do tend to still leave clutter in my wake.

In the last few years, both The Husband and I have slowly been decluttering and purging all the “stuff” we don’t need, have outgrown, don’t know why in the world we bought that in the first place… We’ve made great progress (the Goodwill loves us!) but still need a little determination to keep editing the things in the house that truly are just clutter.

Wish us luck!

Do What You Love!


Pat said...

Good luck with the de-cluttering!
Pin that photo to the fridge to remind you how bad it could get :)

Bear Chick said...

LOL! Seeing that photo every day would do it!