Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Book Review-Nancy Fairbanks

Carolyn Blue turned to food writing when she became an empty-nester and started traveling with her professor husband, Jason. I like this series despite the fact that sometimes Carolyn comes off like a Stepford wife meets June Cleaver. She seems to have had a very sheltered, privileged life and at the beginning of every book, I cringe at some of her observations and behavior but as the stories unfold, she loosens up.

Since Mardi Gras is just around the corner, it got me thinking about the first book in this series, Crime Brulee, which takes place in New Orleans, and the other three books I’ve read in the series. Carolyn gets herself into some interesting adventures, like being accosted by a voodoo priestess, babysitting her agents’ son in New York and trekking around Mont St. Michel in France. Her husband is sometimes attentive but usually falls into the stereotypical scientist/academic world of his own, although he’s basically a sweetheart who worries about her when he has time. At least one book is written from both of their points of view.

Each book takes place in a different place, which may be the attraction for me. I love to read about different places. These books are Mysteries with Recipes but since I’m not much of a cook, I browse the instructions at the end quickly but they probably would appeal to someone more domestic than me.

These are books to take on a trip or a day at the beach. They’re not terribly deep but sometimes, that’s enjoyable and takes us away from ourselves when we need a break. Carolyn, for all her faults, has a big heart and tries her hardest for the underdog, even when it’s her snotty mother-in-law.

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