Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Favorite Etsy Shop Tuesday

Everybody’s heard of origami, the art of folding paper into designs but kirigami, the art of folding and cutting, is not as well known. A couple of Christmas’s ago, I was looking for something special for my BFF and definitely found it at Emerlye Arts Kirigami.

Cynthia Emerlye lives and works in Vermont, one of my favorite places on earth. Her work is so detailed and beautiful, it was the perfect thing for a special gift and I even bought another gift as well. If you look at her work quickly, you’d think they were all different snowflakes.

In her Etsy shop, you can find hangings, greeting cards and prints. Themes run anywhere from love and friendship to Chinese art, birds and angels, among other things.

Her packaging was done with protection in mind and came with printed cards that explained her technique. The greeting card I bought even came with a separate signature card so I didn’t have to sign the piece of art itself.

If you’re looking for something with delicate beauty for a special occasion or a piece of art to brighten your home, check out Emerlyeartskirigami on Etsy.

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