Monday, December 21, 2009

Bright Lights, Big Neighborhood!

The last few years, our Christmas tradition has been to walk through an outrageously decorated neighborhood in Brea, CA. Tonight we feasted on teriyaki bowls at Panda Express, then grabbed hot chocolate (me) and hot vanilla (The Husband) and headed for the Neighborhood with The Lights.

We are not the only people to discover this area and so as we amble amidst the decorated houses among other excited folks on foot (we actually saw a dad pushing a stroller decorated with electric lights), we carefully dodge cars driven by parents more concerned with gawking than pedestrians. But I digress…

Because The Husband was so busy this month getting his melodrama show, Christmas Calamity, ready for last Saturday, we had our walk a little late in the season and missed the live nativity scene, complete with baby goats and other assorted animals. But all the lights were still aglow and this year there were at least three bands set up on street corners. It’s a great place for young folks to play a little music for an amenable crowd.

I only got a few publishable pictures and this first one is pretty much a pure Out West kinda Christmas sight. Where else do you see tumbleweed snowmen?

This house is famous for the music played and the absolute coverage of every space and surface of the yard and foliage. And this photo only shows half the yard!

Last but not least, I had to have a picture of Eeyore. I’ve been an Eeyore fan since I discovered Pooh late in life, as a high schooler.

We must have walked at least a mile and thankfully, it was in the high 50’s, so the hot chocolate and the constant movement was enough to keep us warm for the hour or so we were there. This is a neighborhood of cul de sac’s that border other cul de sac’s, separated by pretty walkways and greenswards, so it’s easy to get around the various areas and you get to see more and converse with doggies and listen to music as long as you want. Much better than trying to enjoy the lights while driving and dodging those pesky pedestrians!

Hope you get your hearts desire this holiday season!

Do What You Love!

PS-Forgot one. I like this picture because you can't really see the outline of the house or the trees that are striped with lights, so it's sort of lights suspended in air:

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