Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saling, Saling!

Betcha can guess what I’ve been up to this morning! Yes, went to a few yard sales and a Mercantile Flea Market in uptown Fullerton. AND Tall Mouse’s 43rd anniversary sale (all full price items 43% off!). Quite a busy day. And I must say, KFC’s new grilled chicken is FABulous! Just so ya know…

First, here’s The Husband posing in front of a wicked cool mural on the way into the Mercantile market.

And here’s some of the morning’s loot.

Who can resist cats, especially when all the rhinestones are intact!!

I love big clear lucite beads and these are SQUARE! I can picture the earrings and other cool stuff now!

Aren’t these lampwork beads pretty? I love the colors!

This bagful of $1 colored plastic goodness should not and could not be resisted! A few of the beads are corralled by a string of gorgeous amethyst I got for ~ gasp! ~ 75% off at Tall Mouse, a local arts and crafts store.

These are the pretty things I got today. I also got some connectors for chains and other little, practical jewelry making stuff. And in preparation for a class on glass charm making, I got a soldering iron, copper tape and glass squares. But, really, how photogenic are those?? Well, they will be when they’re part of new, fun jewelry, but right now, not so much :-)

After all that shopping, it’s time for a cool beverage and a few minutes of being a cat lap. Both my kitties love lap time and they both have their distinctive ways of cuddling ~ my boy cat likes to just plop on my right leg and fall asleep with his head under my arm, my girl cat first has to stand on my lap and have her butt rubbed, then she sits and kneads my chest, then flops across my lap and cuddles under my chest. They’re my babies and I love cuddle time, even if it means less reading and jewelry making time.

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Mary said...

With your eye for color and your wonderful creativity, I can't wait to see the beautiful pieces you will create with some of these finds. And, hey, I love that mural--thanks for showing it to us!