Saturday, July 18, 2009

This Week on Etsy…

I spent most of today photographing, editing, writing and posting jewelry on Etsy. I think I need new lights to use with my little light box. I need to do some research on bulb colors. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been working on the last few weeks.

Tri Color Byzantine Necklace with Netted Beads
I LOVE playing with color. I started this as just red and silver. Then I thought, Oooooo, wouldn’t this be cool with some black thrown in?! Then I was trying find some red lampwork beads but I stumbled on the netted ones I ended up using. They had been in my drawer for probably a year, just waiting for the right project. Yea! I really like the drama of this piece.

Pink Flower Handmade Chain Bracelet
Again, love playing with color! And this is such a fun and pretty chain pattern. Looking through my stash of toggles, I had to laugh when I found the dragonfly. What could be better for a flower bracelet?

Black Onyx Drops Handmade Chain Earrings
The magazine I found this chain pattern in called it Celeste. I LOVE it. (I’ve got a lot of enthusiasm tonight) I experimented with these earrings by hanging not only the central Black Onyx bead but also the two tiny ones on each side. I think they look pretty elegant.

Flowers and Pearls Upcycled Choker
I found the focal piece for this necklace at a yard sale who knows how long ago. If you could see the boxes I have of all my saling finds, just waiting for their day in the sun! Well, it’s finally time for this beauty to have it’s debut! I found just the chain I wanted and put that in place. Then I searched around and deemed the faux pearls perfect for this piece. Attached the toggle and whoo! Or whoops… I noticed that one pearl was missing from the focal. Argh! But, without even getting up, I caught sight of a funky little earring with one sparkly little gee gaw. And it fit perfectly in the empty space. I glued it in, waited a few days and did my best to yank it out again. I think it’s in there till the next millennia! So I was very happy. Everything is better with a little sparkle!

Friday we’re going to the Orange County Fair and with any luck, I’ll have pix next weekend of me with my entry. I’m inordinately excited by the prospect of seeing my necklace on display. I suppose there are worse things to be!