Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Really Cool Stuff on Etsy (Really!)

So, yesterday I spent the day (when I wasn’t watching DVR’d episodes of Tori and Dean and Hammertime) photographing and posting some new jewelry on Etsy. I’ve really been having fun making things lately, especially earrings. They’re like little miniature art and they pose challenging design issues.

Here’s a few now:

Five of Hearts

Rhapsody in Blue

Art Nouveau

And here’s my first unisex piece, an elegant black and silver aluminum Byzantine necklace.

One of my favorite chain weaves, with turquoise and black onyx.

The Husband is working today (time and a half, yea!), so I’m going to make some more jewelry and maybe watch an old Marilyn Monroe movie on Netflix. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Fourth!!

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Mary said...

Wow! You have been busy since I checked in last (have been away for a few weeks)--anniversary (congratulations), county fair, and many beautiful new pieces. I love your chains, but have always enjoyed wearing earrings more than any other type of jewelry. Yours are great!