Saturday, March 14, 2009

Work in Progress-Beadstar Contest Necklace

For those who follow me on Twitter, I’ve been mentioning working on “the contest necklace”. Well, here’s what I’ve been talking about.

Raw materials~~I knew I wanted a very specific color scheme, so I gathered all the reds, oranges and yellows I had and put them all in a big container, so they’d be wicked easy to work with.

I’ll be filling in all the chain up to the two red/orange beads at each end, an 8 to 9 hour process, doing each bead or bead set with a wrapped loop. I love the toggle. It’s an enameled metal I found at Brea Bead Works. I wanted a gold sun toggle but I don’t think they exist, so I was happy with this one since the color totally works with my design.

I may take off the faceted round red beads that frame the focal. They hide the pendant piece too much and for this necklace, I really do want to make sure that the focal has presence.

This entry will be in the glass category but I may also do one in the hearts category, since that’s one of my favorite shapes and I have billions of heart charms. Ok, 100’s…

Not that I want competition ;-), but here’s the link to the Beadstar contest

Once I get this finished, I’ll post more pix. Wish me luck!


Chris said...

Good Luck!!~~~ You've got a good start!

Anonymous said...

beautiful - love the colors!

debvandet said...

Bear Chick, I love those bumpy pink torso beads - at least that's what I think they are. Beautiful necklace! Good luck with the contest.

Bear Chick said...

Those "torso" beads are actually orange (my photography skills need polishing...) and they're vintage beads from, I think, Germany. They are totally cool! Just made some earrings with them, too.

Bear Chick said...

Thanks Chris and Zan! I worked on it tonight while watching The Quiet Man.