Saturday, February 14, 2009

My "Studio"

There are several magazines that showcase artists' studios. I am envious of their dedicated, organized spaces. I'm sure if I searched "art studio" on Flickr, the photography website, I'd find 100's of examples of studio's at their finest. Beads neatly stored in plastic cases, fabric folded and piled on shelves by color, paint brushes in shiny little buckets.

But you won't find a picture of mine. Anywhere. I can always blame it on the fact that I work full time. That I have a husband and cats to take care of. But the real reason is I've always been messy. ALWAYS. I have no photographic evidence, but I'll wager that my crib was cluttered with stuffed animals, books and zwieback. I have a talent for taking up more space than anyone (ironic, since I'm usually the smallest one in the room), with an abundance of stuff, junk and things. You can always tell where I've been sitting because there's a corona of stuff around the area. I try to keep things neat, I really do...

My jewelry "studio" consists of a little set of drawers meant for nuts and screws and a huge amount of those pretty storage boxes you buy at hobby stores. They're piled off to the side of the sofa in the living room. There's a Harry Potter pillow on the floor, mashed flat as a piece of paper, that I sit on to create jewelry. Assorted components and findings slip off some other boxes near the coffee table. Oh, yeah, then there's a bunch of other things in the rolltop desk across the room that's really supposed to be where I create... Sequins and little beads decorate the space between all these boxes and holders. I actually went through all the boxes a few weeks ago, to donate some supplies to a friend who teaches jewelry making at a homeless shelter. Barely made a dent in all this stuff. But that's a different blog post (The Obsession with Beads...).

My bathroom serves as my other "studio", for art and ATC's. This is The Kingdom of Paper: old books, maps, colorful pages ripped from magazines. Paints fill a big plastic holder and brushes and colored pens and pencils teeter on piles of ATC blanks and stencils. Rubber stamps, ribbons and buttons fill drawers. Oh, and there are some more of those pretty storage boxes again, filled with jewelry from yard sales and church bazaars, waiting for me to breathe new life into them.


We have a work room. The plan is to turn it into a studio.



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Gaston Studio said...

Yours sounds like a lot of workrooms/studios I've heard about. My workroom is "getting there." Have two more containers that need to be reorganized into smaller containers but am waiting on my grandchildren to visit so I can hire them to do it for me! Would love to "follow you" but couldn't find the icon to click on!