Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beaducation, A Learning Resource

I don't often reveal my sources but my Blogfire Guild on ArtFire has a theme of How-to's coming up so I thought I'd share the site that turned me onto making chains.

It's called Beaducation, founded by Lisa Niven Kelly, and along with selling metal stamping tools and other jewelry components, they teach all sorts of jewelry techniques, hence the Beaducation name. All of the video's I've downloaded have been very thorough and easy to follow. I'm a visual person, so I have to see techniques done and when it's a video with close ups and step by step instruction like these, I do really well. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to follow what an instructor is doing because you can't see them working or they're assuming you're at a higher level than you are.

The really cool thing about these video's is that once you buy one and download it, it stays in your queue on the site so you can watch it over and over. You've paid to download the video, not just to see it once, then it goes away. So it's a resource you can keep and refer to as needed.

This is a very smart company in that they offer free video's to show you some basic techniques. Once you get hooked by the freebie, you want to take all the more advanced classes! None of the pay classes are over $28.00, which is really a bargain. Some examples of classes are metal stamping and design, chainmaille, fusing, beading, PMC and wireworking.

I've mostly taken the chain classes and here are a few examples of what I've done:

I'm looking forward to taking more of their classes soon. Give them a try when you have the urge to try something new!

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storybeader said...

I just got a kit for crocheting line with beads on it, to make rope. And found out I needed to know to crochet - Duh! Luckily I have a friend who knows how, and I can SEE what she's doing. I'm like you, I need to see it happen - people don't always write complete instructions! Thanks for the link!